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Giới thiệu đề thi thử tiếng anh 2020 của trường THPT Quốc Gia Đoàn Thượng Hải Dương kèm đáp án và lời giải chi tiết. Nội dung đề thi thử gồm 50 câu, mỗi thí sinh sẽ có 60 phút đề hoàn thành bài thi của mình. Qua đó giúp các em có thể đối chiếu với kết quả làm bài của mình, tự đánh giá được năng lực của bản thân. Hy vọng rằng đây sẽ là tài liệu bổ ích trong quá trình ôn luyện thi đại học của các em.

Giới thiệu nội dung đề

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.
The loss of the jobs and persistent unemployment in the industrial countries is due mainly to changes in technology. It is thought to be misleading to blame job losses on the shift of corporations from the industrial countries to the Third World.
The present technological developments have been compared to a Third Industrial Revolution. The first coming in the 19th century, was characterized by the steam engine and the use of coal. In the 1920s the second emerged with the use of oil and the electrodynamo. The third, the present one, is driven by computers, biotechnology and information technology.
However, there can be seen weaknesses in the newest of industrial revolutions. The technology is advancing so fast and productivity is rising so fast that we are left with a big problem. Because of the loss in jobs, caused largely by this new, technology, there will not be enough people with money to buy all these products.
Technology has definitely enhanced our standard of living, even our quality of life. But as the capacity to produce expands and the lack of purchasing power and consequent demand diminish, there can be overproduction and recession, and what happens to our standard of living?
1. What is stated as being the main weakness of the Third Industrial Revolution?
A. There will be too many machines in the factories.
B. There will be too few people who can afford to buy things.
C. There won't be enough products for everyone to buy.
D. There will not be enough money around.

2. The word "enhanced" in the passage is closest in meaning to _______.
A. released
B. reduced
C. emerged
D. intensified

3. What do we infer is the author's attitude to the technology?
A. It has improved our quality of life.
B. It is not responsible for the recession.
C. It has improved our purchasing power
D. It has created more jobs

4. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of one of the industrial revolutions?
A. The use of computer
B. The use of coal
C. The use of electricity
D. The use of oil

5. Why does the author think that there won't be enough people to buy the products?
A. Many people will be unemployed
B. There will be too many products.
C. People will not be able to keep up with technology.
D. Productivity will not be high enough.

6. When was the Second Industrial Revolution?
A. In the 21st century
B. At present
C. In the 1920s
D. In the 19th century

7. What is the main point the author is making?
A. That corporations have shifted' to the Third World.
B. That the industrial countries have more unemployment than the Third World.
C. That technology is the main cause of unemployment.
D. That the present situation is like in the Industrial Revolution.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
12. My favourite household chore in the family is to ________ the garbage because it doesn't cost much time.
A. give up
B. carry out
C. turn up
D. take out

13. Steve Davis, ______ won the trophy last year, is already out of this year's competition.
A. who
B. which
C. whose
D. whom

14. As I have put on weight recently, I have to get the tailor _____ my suit before my graduation ceremony.
A. to fixing
B. to fix
C. fix
D. fixed

15. Do you mind_______ such a long way to work everyday?
A. to have traveled
B. to travel
C. traveling
D. travel

16. Domestic cats often show loyalty to their owners by leaving freshly killed prey such as birds for_______ to find.
A. their
B. they
C. he
D. them

17. If it hadn't been for the attendance of the pop star, the party ______ a great success.
A. wouldn't have been
B. wouldn't be
C. won't be
D. couldn't be

18. Many people congratulated Luis Fonci _________ performing Despacito, which was viewed over four billion times on YouTube in 2018.
A. on
B. among
C. in
D. between

19. The villagers are furious about the _________ to close the railway station.
A. decisively
B. decide
C. decision
D. decisive

20. By cutting down trees, we ____ harm to the natural habitat of birds and animals.
A. keep
B. make
C. do
D. cut
21. An acrobatic aerial performance titled Vietnamese Wings by two Vietnamese artists _____ the highest prize at the International Circus Festival Circuba 2017, held in Cuba between June 25 and July 2.
A. win
B. won
C. have won
D. had won

22. The longest fish in the contest was eighteen inches long. It_____ by Thelma Rivers".
A. was catching
B. catch
C. was caught
D. caught

23. Thanks to highly sophisticated technology, scientists have made many important _______ in different fields.
A. attempts
B. discoveries
C. progress
D. decisions

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